History and Mission

Since 1983, the Legal Advocacy and Resource Center (LARC) has operated a free legal hotline in support of its mission to help low-income Massachusetts residents with legal problems by providing quality legal information and advice, and by making referrals to legal and social service agencies. LARC also completes intake screenings for Greater Boston Legal Services and the Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association, as well as, family law intake screenings for Community Legal Services And Counseling Center and limited intake screening for MetroWest Legal Services.

LARC is supported through a subgrant of federal Legal Services Corporation funds through the Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association; IOLTA and other grants from the Boston Bar Foundation and the Massachusetts Bar Foundation; the Mifflin Memorial Fund; and other private contributors.


Hotline and Services

Low-income residents from the Greater Boston area and surrounding towns can call the Hotline (see contact details here) when they are having a legal problem. A LARC advocate will conduct a thorough interview over the telephone.

Depending on their individual situation, callers will: consult with a LARC advocate about their legal questions and rights; find out if they are eligible for free legal representation from a legal services agency in Massachusetts and, if so, be referred to these agencies; be sent written information about legal rights and common legal problems; be referred to private bar panels who may be able to handle the case for a fee; be directed to social services and government agencies, if appropriate.

LARC has a dedicated 24-hour Bankruptcy Helpline for low-income debtors in the service area  to provide free legal information and/or referrals for possible representation.  The number is 617-603-1704.

LARC provides concrete legal information on a wide range of legal issues. We can, however, be most helpful to people calling about the following types of cases:

  • Housing, including Evictions, Landlord/Tenant Issues, Public Housing, Conditions Problems, Foreclosure;
  • Family Law, including Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Guardianship, Visitation, Restraining Orders;
  • Public Benefits, including SSI, Social Security, Food Stamps, TAFDC;
  • Employment Issues, including Unemployment Benefits, Wage and Hour Claims, Family Medical Leave Act questions;
  • Consumer Issues, including Utilities, Bankruptcy and Debt Collection issues;
  • Elder Law, such as Medicare and Nursing Home issues.
  • CORI issues.

We do not provide information about Criminal, Immigration, Personal Injury or Workers' Compensation matters or about cases taking place outside of Massachusetts.

Before you call LARC for help, go to the Massachusetts Legal Resource Finder to find out if we handle your legal issue.